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Odenwälder Echo 09-16-2014 * Werscher roots that remain unforgotten

Visitors from America -Great-great-granddoughter of former emigrants visited Wersau

Large local tiesnow has proven an American. Just in the year of 700-year existance, the woman has been found on the Internet the way in the Odenwald to Wersau. 


The website www.700-jahre-wersau.de has led the American Shelli Heil after Wersau to the place of their ancestors, which has now made ​​the local historical society publicized in a press release. About this page already three great-great-great-grandson of former emigrants have now found their way back into the Odenwald. So far are descendants of the families Lautenschlager, Weihrich and Heil have been guests in the Odenwald village.

Shelli salvation, professionally residing in Istanbul at the time, provided there stated that "Wersau actually is just next door." Without hesitation she went on his way and visited early September, the place of their ancestors.

As a reminder, a photograph

At a local tour manager of the local historical association showed her the estate, the oldest house in the school 15, the church, and finally the house School 28, where their ancestors lived, until they began the trip across the pond. As a reminder, the guest received a photograph showing the old house of salvation. After the informative local tour there was a dinner in Schönberger Hof in Erbach. There, all participants took the opportunity for a lively exchange. Now the local historical society expects yet another couple, have announced course with Werscher roots, posing as representatives of Millstadt (Illinois).


Partner City of Goß Bieberau

This small town east of St. Louis is also a partner city of Groß-Bieberau, the delegations from there have always visited Wersau while tied several contacts. In addition, young people from Wersau spent four weeks in Millstädter host families. Thus, this event is scheduled for 19 October, for all special importance.

Since many various invitations were issued, that Werscher should visit the emigrant families once, it is planned that in 2015 a delegation from the Odenwald to Millstadt / Illinois travels.

Nachrichten aus dem Odenwald

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