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Welcom to Wersau



Here we will report about the activities surrounding the '700 year celebration' and our village.


We are very proud to welcome our friens

Mr. and Mrs. Faulbaum from Millstadt / Illinois.


The ultimate dictionary for guests from Millstadt (by Mr. Horst Rapp)


Many families who currently live in Millstadt and the surrounding area can trace their ancestry to Gross-Bieberau, Wersau, and surrounding villages in the Odenwald which is a beautiful region of farms, hills and woodlands in the State of Hessen, Germany.

While Americans are doing genealogy research looking back to the Old World for family roots, many Germans are also interested in learning what happened to their countrymen who immigrated to the United States.

In honor of the 700th anniversary of the Village of Wersau (located adjacent to Millstadt's Sister City, Gross-Bieberau), the Village of Millstadt and Millstadt Sister Cities Organization sent a congratulatory letter which is currently the first item on the Wersau 700 Jahre website: http://www.700-jahre-wersau.de/en/#

Immigrants from Wersau who settled in Millstadt include the family names Harres {Harras}, Herbert, Oldendorf, Schaefer {Schäfer} and Seibert. To honor those Wersau immigrants and in appreciation of the friendship and respect shown by Millstadt in honor of their 700th anniversary, the Wersau 700 Committee gave a stained glass image of the official Wersau coat of arms which was presented by Millstadt Sister Cities' President Glenn Logan and Board Members to Mayor Michael Todd and the Village of Millstadt at the Village Board meeting on November 3, 2014.



Joan Lang, Marlou Eckert, Charlene Faulbaum, Ralph Schaefer, Glenn Logan, Mayor Michael Todd, John Baltz, Ray Famula, Otto Faulbaum and Al Lehr with a stained glass coat of arms given by Wersau, Germany


Visitors from Amerika

www.700-jahre-wersau.de will probably clicked everywhere, even in America. About this page already three great-great-great-grandson of our emigrants have now found their way here. So descendants of Lautenschläger, Weihrich and Heil have been our guests so far.

So we was visited on September 7 from Mrs. Heil. Mrs. Heil , professionally residing in Istanbul at the time fixed Wersau presented, which is grad stand next to. Without hesitation she visited the site of their ancestors .. In a local walk we showed her the estate, the oldest house in the Schulstrasse 15, our church, and finally the house Schulstrasse 28, by their ancestors lived, until they began the trip to Amerika . As a reminder, we handed Shelli Heil a photograph depicting the old house of the Heil's family. After this informative local tour a dinner in Erbach Schönberger Hof still took place. Since all participants took the opportunity for a lively exchange.

Now we are expecting another couple, of course, with Werscher roots, who announced himself as a representative of Millstadt (Illinois). This small town, east of St. Louis is the sister city of Groß Bieberau and the delegations from there have always visited our village, and thereby linked several contacts. Also already have many of our young people are allowed to spend a four-week stay in Millstädter host families.

Thus, this event, pre-planned on 19 October, for all of us a special meaning. Once our small program is mature to more information in Brensbach Nachrichten will follow.

Since many various invitations were issued, that we Werscher our emigrants should visit families once, it is envisaged that next year a delegation travels from Wersche to Millstadt / Illinois

Werscher people, help  the contacts with migrant families to care!!

2014-09-07 21-57-58 IMG 0223

(Press report Odenwälder Echo from 09-16-2014)



Vernissage from the Artist Andrea Klinger, Wersau

Artpoint Darmstadt, Project space for contemporary art. Presented by the Federal Association of Artists Darmstadt







Street festival Saturday

IMG 3252



Street festival Sunday

IMG 3378


             Pre notice



The new calendar is available in the bakery Horn by Simone and Silke.

Druck Bildkalender 2015-1




Images for Jubilee Concert '15 Jahre Gersprenztaler Musici' under the direction of Erika Mühlberg-Schinkel.

IMG 2696

Open Farms

IMG 1871


IMG 1943


Pictures Beach Handball tournament







IMG 1554



Amateur soccer tournament 'Werscher Kerbverein eV'

IMG 1549



 hlb 1430

The Wersche flagg also flies in Höllerbach (Schüler)

Impressions from 'Waldfest 2014'

IMG 1443


  'Granny's Pie' Concert in the Church (Video)




Take part in „Wersche-Kreativ“

The Local History Group will continue to try to encourage the villagers to join in, because we all celebrate together . Like everywhere else, there are also with us fellow citizens, the "art" are active in their leisure time in the wide-ranging area

Because this is also a part of our culture Werscher, will we this group of people during the festival year the possibility  necessarily give a presentation. To coordinate now a corresponding event, all of our artists at first by  phone +49(0)6161 8307 or email  This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. -  sat with us and present their activities.

Also, photography may be for creative, if you are traveling with the camera on location scouting. Thus our amateur photographers are now addressed with their digital images to enrich our annual program. The motives should, however, only the district Wersau represent, be based on 2013/14 and relate to the following topics:

1. Gardens

2. Dorfidyllen

3. Landscapes

4. Nature

5. Not so beautiful Places

Infos, otherwise send to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. to the photos above, the images with concise description and assignment to 1, 2, 3, ...,.




We hope to have an active participation. Personal encouragement on our part ".. .." are always very time consuming and the prefix  should this time be replaced by a fast feedback. Once we have an initial overview, we will talk about an exhibition, awards, among others decide and inform you here again.


Horst Rapp




Call !


All artists are invited on the occasion of the 700 - year celebration participate in an exhibition. Technology and designs are free!


Under the title



can contact Creative and the 700 - enrich anniversary with another project.

Then: MOTIVATED YOU; NET GEFERSCHT! Exhibition date in


Contact: Andrea Klinger.  Phone: +49(0)6162 / 3734

                 This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.            This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.













Nachrichten aus dem Odenwald

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